Children ‘s AI Programming 005

Introduction to Java and Advanced Java

 AI005 Java Course Overview: An in-depth course detailing everything related to java, from basic concepts of how a computer functions to advanced concepts that appear on the AP exams. This course blends rigor with fun as students participate in hands-on projects and labs to better understand the language of java and take the step into more advanced coding.

Session 1:

  1. Introductory Topics
  2. Data Types
  3. Looping
  4. Project Lab 1 - Mini market

Session 2:

  1. Advanced Boolean and Decision Structure
  2. Loops and Iterators
  3. Project Lab 2 - Rock paper scissors game
  4. Basics of Errors and Exception
  5. Array and ArrayLists
  6. Final Project - Mini market revisited

Session 3:

  1. Binary, hexadecimal, and ASCII
  2. Math class and arithmetic functions
  3. Project lab 3 – Create a calculator
  4. Object-oriented concepts part 1
  5. Object-oriented concepts part 2
  6. Project lab 4 - Create your own objects

Session 4

  1. Threads, Runnables and Concurrency
  2. Advanced Exceptions and Errors
  3. Advanced ArrayLists and list
  4. Lambda Functions and new java additions
  5. Final project - Create your own objects expanded

Available courses

AI005-4 Java Wed 18:00-19:00 ET

Category: AI005 Java
  • Teacher: Rishabh Narayanan

AI005-3 Java Wed 17:00-18:00 ET

Category: AI005 Java
  • Teacher: Mustafo Mustafokulov

AI005-2 Java @10:00-11:00am Sat

Category: AI005 Java

AI005-1 Java: Sun 4:15-5:00pm ET

Category: AI005 Java
  • Teacher: Sriram Kompella