Children ‘s AI Programming 002

Introduction to Machine-learning based AI using Scratch

Course Overview: Have you ever wondered how Alexa could always find an answer to your whimsical questions? We have and we figured that out, in Scratch. Using the proprietary AI platform built by, we introduce grades 4-8 students to the concept of machine learning and its applications in real life. Learning with 10 projects from different AI focuses all implemented in Scratch, the kids will explore the meanings of artificial intelligence in our daily life and the engineering principles behind these AI-based applications.

Session 1:

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning
  2. Image Recognition & Spongebob and Friends
  3. Natural Language Processing & Simple Smart Home
  4. Sentiment Analysis & Praises and Criticism

Session 2:

  1. Facial Recognition & Facelock
  2. Decision Trees & Flappy Bird
  3. Decision Trees & Pacman
  4. Speech + Speaker Recognition & Voice Lock 

Session 3

  1. Problem Solving through Brainstorming Ideas + Workshop
  2. Capstone A.I. Project : Create your own project & Implement Multiple ML Concepts

Available courses

AI002-18 Scratch+AI Wed 16:00-17:30 ET

  • Teacher: Raghav Sriram

AI002-17 Scratch+AI Tue 17:00-18:00 ET

  • Teacher: Raghav Sriram

AI002-12 Scratch+AI Fri 20:00-21:00 ET

  • Teacher: Edmond Niu

AI002-14 Scratch+AI Wed 17:00-18:00 ET

  • Teacher: Ai Takubo

AI002-13:Scratch+AI Wed 17:00-18:00 ET

  • Teacher: Satwika Vemuri

AI002-9 Scratch+AI: Fri 4:00-4:45pm ET

AI002-8 Scratch+AI Sat 9:00-10:00 ET

  • Teacher: Daniel Liu

AI002-7: Scratch+AI 4:00-5:30pm Wed

AI002-16 Scratch+AI Sat 9:00-10:00pm EST

  • Teacher: Emily Miao

AI002-5: Scratch+AI 1:30-2:20pm Sat

AI002-S4 Scratch+AI: Sat 12:40-13:25 ET

  • Teacher: Alan Shi

AI002-3: Scratch+AI 9:30-10:15am Sun

AI002-2: Scratch+AI 4:15-5:00pm Sun

  • Teacher: Sophia Tu

AI002-1: Scratch+AI Sun 16:15-17:00 ET

  • Teacher: Daniel Liu

AI002-15: Scratch+AI 10:20-11:05am Sun