Children ‘s AI Programming 001+

AI001+ Scratch Coding Plus : Game Design

COURSE OVERVIEW: Scratch+ Game Design is centered around the various logic concepts used within many common games. Students will apply their basic knowledge of scratch as well as new important logic and computer science concepts through recreating existing and original games. Students can express their creativity through game design. The course focuses on the application of code in original game mechanics created by the students.

2021Fall AI001+-1 L1 7:00-8:00pm Wed

Fall AI001+-2 L1 4:00-5:00pm Wed

Fall AI001+-3 L1 5:00-6:00pm Mon

Fall AI001+-4 L1 4:00-5:00pm Sat

2021Fall AI001+-5 L1 7:00-8:00pm Wed

Fall AI001+-6 L1 2:50-3:50pm Sat